Garden Ghoulies!

Resized Garden Goolies-Lynchburg Community Market

Summer always grows on me—sometimes in the weirdest ways.

Photo Credit: Catherine Hamrick


  1. Silver in the Barn

    Good morning, Catherine. I just saw an awesome video about a major French supermarket which is making a point of selling ugly and disfigured fruits and vegetables at a steep discount. They report that we (the world) throw away 300 million tons of fruits and vegetables annually, often because they don’t conform to supermarket standards of beauty. So I love your veggies!!! Eat and enjoy. And would Farmville work for a meet-up?

  2. Catherine Hamrick

    Farmville would be fun! How about this? Charley’s Waterfront? Stop me from buying furniture! I will be in and out of town a little bit. Will you email some dates that work for you? Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Karen Lin

    Ha! Yes indeed. I always love the distorted vegie-friends photos. And here they just made it legal to sell produce from your yard to others. Duh! As a libertarian, it made sense from when time began. We were basically doing the same thing when we exchanged our produce. Government! Get out of my way!

  4. donnaanddiablo

    Very funny, Catherine. Sometimes the fruits and veggies *do* end up looking a bit strange, but as you say, it affects their flavor not a whit. And I, too, saw the story on the French supermarket–thought it was brilliant. 🙂

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