From Print to Digital

image of old typewriter

I had a fun run in print. Now I’m having a great time in the territory ahead: digital media. Every day is a fresh learning experience. I still play around in print. But in the second half of my career, I kill fewer trees. In short, I found the best of both worlds.

Personal Blog: Random Storyteller was featured in The Huffington Post (“8 of My Fave Sister Blogs”)

Social Media Marketing Strategy Certificate from the University of Delaware: a 45-page marketing strategy for an education nonprofit proves I stayed the course and scored a 4.0 in a 2.0 world

Storyteller: student of literary criticism who ditched Plato, postmodernism, and everything in between to find her storytelling voice, with a New South essay collection and poetry collection in the works

Women’s Service Content: Southern Living (copywriter), Cooking Light (copy chief/startup team), Southern Accents (art and antiques editor), Better Homes and Gardens (health editor), and Meredith Books (associate managing editor/eight imprints, including Better Homes and Gardens, Country Home, Midwest Living, Traditional Home, Home Depot, and Ortho)

Results-Driven Editor: my client’s historical fiction scored thumbs-up reviews

More than a Professional Dilettante at a Cocktail Party: I’m happy to engage fans of the arts, humanities, business, education, health, architecture, engineering, interior design, antiques, decorative arts, travel, food, gardening, literature, current happenings, and Richard Feynman, especially when he’s joking