Zinsser on Writing Memoir Well: “Think Small”

Since his death on May 12, William Zinsser dominates my thoughts. Reading his book On Writing Well transformed my writing in college. Later works continued to teach. Zinsser dropped many great lines. This one rings true as I draft slice-of-life pieces: “be yourself, speak freely, and think small.” It appeared in the essay “How to Write a Memoir” (The American Scholar, Spring […]


College Credit for Wandering the Internet

What a headline: “At Penn, students can get credit for ‘Wasting Time on the Internet.’” (I recently spotted it in the Washington Post while aimlessly wandering the Internet). Had I been a parent bankrolling my offspring’s major in creative writing, the article might have prompted a screaming text. Too late! My kid already would have commenced the […]


Wreaths for All Seasons

More than a festive decoration, the wreath symbolizes all that is holy—the circle of perfection, life, and eternity.  A plastic one does little justice to the season. Rather, a wreath bearing its sharp pine scent brings a breath of nature into our homes. Last week I wandered through the mistletoe theme of the 230-year-old Lynchburg Community […]