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Some posts go South when it comes to humor, memoir, characters, and gardens. Where else would you find a tractor chair in the living room?


My blogging friends chanted, “Find a niche—find a niche—find a niche.” Instead, I leaped into freedom: stories about characters, creatives, places, oddball moments, memory gems, etc., with an occasional poetry toss or reflection on writing.

Aside: If you want a mind-walk through my day job, go to my LinkedIn page or click on Catherine Hamrick: Soul Deep Storyteller & Editor.

I once read that there are almost 500 million English language blogs. If you go global, the number tops 1 billion in many mother tongues. If you read Mandarin Chinese, you’ll hit the mother lode.

Welcome to my one-billionth slice of the blogging pie. Stick around for a second helping—and more!

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  1. ShrutiInsights

    It’s great that you are letting yourself lose and tell us random stuff in the form of well shaped up stories.. We might enter dream world!!
    I love the tag line “To hell with facts, we need stories”.
    Great great great to have visited you! 🙂

      1. PuppyDoc (Phoebe)

        Completely understand–I recently changed to a totally different theme as well and it is a lot of work. But your current theme is beautiful….to match your wonderful content! 🙂 Take care 🙂

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