About My Blog

Some posts go South when it comes to humor, memoir, characters, and gardens. Where else would you find a tractor chair in the living room?

Currently, this blog is under redesign, with featured images to be added to older posts. Therefore, on the home page, you will see some posts only with text unless you click to read. Thanks for your patience.

My blogging friends chanted, “Find a niche—find a niche—find a niche.” Instead, I leaped into freedom: stories about characters, creatives, places, oddball moments, memory gems, etc., with an occasional poetry toss or reflection on writing.

Aside: If you want a mind-walk through my day job, go to my LinkedIn page or click on my other blog, Catherine Hamrick: Soul Deep Storyteller & Editor.

I once read that there are almost 500 million English language blogs. If you go global, the number tops 1 billion in many mother tongues. If you read Mandarin Chinese, you’ll hit the mother lode.

Welcome to my one-billionth slice of the blogging pie. Stick around for a second helping—and more!

© Catherine Hamrick, Random Storyteller, randomstoryteller.com, 2013-2017. For a complete statement on legal use and attribution, please click on the copyright link subordinated to this page. Thank you.


  1. ShrutiInsights

    It’s great that you are letting yourself lose and tell us random stuff in the form of well shaped up stories.. We might enter dream world!!
    I love the tag line “To hell with facts, we need stories”.
    Great great great to have visited you! 🙂

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