Poem excerpt-Ever Spring-chamrickwriter-randomstoryteller.com-with images of dogwood blooms and pale green mountain trail

Ever Spring (for Albert and Elizabeth)

Poem excerpt-Ever Spring-chamrickwriter-randomstoryteller.com-with image of garden gate at Gibbs Gardens-Ball Ground GA

You knew me before I was born

And in every pause between breaths—

A wakefulness beyond all thoughts,

As sweet as sixteen, ever spring,

When a thousand scents carried us,

Wave upon easy wave,

Across quilts of ground-frilling daffodils

Marching, like bonneted Dutch dolls,

And hot color cups of April:

Sunset-painted tulips, wind-dancing,

Lenten roses dipping, like parasols,

And puffs of flowering snowball bushes

Playing, promising the lazy clouds

Of late-afternoon sky watching.

Forever follows, past pale meadows

And into blue mountains misting green—

Gleaming white petals flutter, backlit,

On the underside of a dogwood bough,

Your bouquet, heaven-handed down.

Gibbs Gardens-Ball Ground GA-chamrickwriter-randomstoryteller.com-images of early spring


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