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Lent: Mining the Richest Vein

©-Poem-Lent-Mining the Richest Vein-chamrickwriter-randomstoryteller.com-with image of iris reticulata

Today I am grateful for my critique group–fellow writers who take time from their own manuscripts to review my scribbles. In our last meeting, their gentle questions challenged me to rework the images in a previous version of this poem. I revised the content and renamed it.

In a sanctuary laid bare

Through forty days of non-feasting,

I yearn to look up below,

Upon humble sovereignty:

A field of Purple Gems,

Where a thousand dwarf iris tongues

Sing, spattered with plum speckles,

Pure white broad strokes,

And licks of yellow flame;

Their leaves of grass,

Spring’s earliest lawn,

Raise a groundswell rapture—

A green amen.

I also express gratitude to my readers. Thank you for reading and commenting–and thus enriching my experience as a writer.


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