#haiku-daffodil beats-Gibbs Gardens-via chamrick writer-randomstoryteller.com-with images of garden cherub and daffodil with orange center and pale yellow petals

Daffodils Take Me to Haiku Heaven

#haiku-daffodils-beats-Gibbs Gardens-chamrickwriter-randomstoryteller.com-with image of daffodil field after a gray rain

There’s a little piece of heaven in North Georgia—Gibbs Gardens—located in the hamlet of Ball Ground. Wave upon wave of daffodils bloom in fields and along trails in March and April. Even on a gray, rainy day, sunshine breaks through, from the ground up, inspiring words.

Anyone on the hunt for haiku images will find treasure in this daffodil sea. Welcome, March!

daffodil beats

ground-frill daffodils

bonneted dutch dolls marching

nature’s quilt patches

* * * * *

daffodil heaven

one tiny sunburst

in a star-exploding field

after heaven wept


    1. Catherine Hamrick

      Yes, it is book mapped. The proofreader is reviewing, and then it goes to layout! I’m planning for a soft release later this spring. I’d love to send you an early copy. And I’ve written part of the second collection.

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