quote from the poem Ascension by randomstoryteller chamrickwriter featuring painting of hummingbird


Haeckel_Trochilidae-hummingbirds-vibrant colorplate of a variety of hummingbirds public domain

oh, to catch your phrase,

flashes of hummingbird song—

telegraphic pulse.

bird of paradise

blurring green in mid-air hang

ruby-throated whir—

your down and upbeat

electricity, firing,

currents me homeward.

your wings, my prayer

cloud-surf and then dip turquoise—

heart poundings fine-tune

225 counts

that nobody hears

on the easy breath

of the Gulf of Mexico.

memorizing touch,

the weight of a postage stamp,

i know stamina

and torpor—your rise-fall song,

your flight and return,

yes, i know by heart.


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