2016 Flashback: Top Five Reader Favorites

collage of images from favorite posts on randomstoryteller

After 37 years on the air, broadcaster Diane Rehm said farewell to her NPR audience on December 23, 2016. She also thanked them for civil discourse, even during controversial discussions. True to the temper of “The Diane Rehm Show,” she urged the practice of “much more active listening on the part of all of us, not just those who are part of the media, all of us.”

Interestingly, this year’s top posts on Random Storyteller express a longing for peace and connectedness to family and nature.

  1. “magnolia (never a moonlit lie)”: how the turn of a magnolia blossom reminded me of life’s sweet ride
  2. “Life, Death—and That Thin Veil Between”: Dad’s spiritual connection beyond modern medicine
  3. “Midwinter Summer Snapshot”January daydreams of a North Carolina summer
  4. “Longing for a Southern Spring”: I journeyed far to find my true way home
  5. “11 #Gratitude Reasons for a Wacky Election”: I walked away from the noise for a mindful way of being

What did I learn in 2016?

  • Observing is more productive than judging
  • Listening (while detached from the negative) offers a powerful communication tool
  • Embracing the present moment opens the path to joy


  1. donnaanddiablo

    Fabulous takeaways, Catherine. Listening is so very important, and a lost art these days it seems. Thankful for your thoughtful musings and wishing you a peaceful and productive 2017, with a multitude of joy-filled moments….

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