origins of the world in a greenhouse



an orchid spiked purple

in the night air

ruche wings dropped me headfirst

in a hothouse crowd

speckled and sticky

i gasped

and groped for

my mother’s next curve

she unwilted

in the upturn of her mouth

The Daily Post Prompt: If I Could Turn Back Time (a fanciful interpretation)


  1. Dan Hise

    Excellent. The imagery put me in mind of Ted Hughes’ “Crow,” such as ‘Crow’s First Lesson,’ but your poem is more the positive to his negative. And yours is more in the vein of Imagism, while he spent years on developing an alternative mythology. If you have not read the Hughes, and choose to do so, I advise you to prepare for an antihero who flies “the black flag of himself.” The blackness of darkness. (Melville)

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