2015 Reader Favorites: A Genre Medley

I threw a lot of spaghetti at my blog wall this year. Here’s what stuck—a mix of garden musings, essays, poetry, humor, and Southern stuff.

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  1. Autumn Skylights: I fled outdoors as the season’s colors flared and yielded to muted textures.
  2. Honesty—Brutal Is a Relative Term: A writer with a Teflon psyche? Now that’s a good thing.
  3. Thank You to My Followers: Blogging enriches my life with generous friends worldwide.
  4. daylily spectacle #haiku: The humble daylily speaks a universal truth.
  5. Apple Chill: Syllabic poetry, whether fixed or constrained, liberates everyday objects.
  6. Southern Comfort: A funky flea-market find redefines “sitting pretty.”
  7. I Was a Mannequin in a Cannonball-Bed Window Display: There was no escape from Southern crazy or the burning question: “Who are your people?”
  8. #WordlessWednesday Winter White: Light and shadow dazzle in this origami chandelier at the Delaware Museum of Art.
  9. Leaders: Who Plays in the Sandbox? In 2015, most officials are too small-minded to think big.
  10. Where Does God Live? His true home has to be the North Georgia Mountains.

I appreciate your stopping by in 2015. Good words to you in the New Year!


The Daily Post Prompt: Earworm


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