400 px Art by Brenda Keesal @ burnsthefire Flare and I Can See You

A Writer Color-Pops My Walls in 2016

400px Quote from Deer People by Brenda Keesal @ burnsthefire (3)

Once in a rare blog, I come across a writer with the gift to tell a story in two sentences. Stopping by words on a snowy evening last January, I ran into Brenda Keesal’s tale of “Deer Peeple” and fell in love with the powerful simplicity and rich images of her prose. A year later, she throws me a curve: this author and indie filmmaker creates art possessed with the eyes, flashes, and patterns of a peacock in full bloom. Brenda’s illustrations reach beyond feminine flourishes; they’re organic, in the moment of flying-fingers motion. My eyes train on two prizes: “Flare”  and “I Can See You”—the perfect vertical-and-horizontal combination to wake up a tired wall.

There’s always a story-behind-the-story when it comes to art. Brenda often pairs words with images—in effect, a lively mind-walk: “Art Is Love” (or “Flare”) and “I Can See You.”

400px Quote-by-Brenda-Keesal-@-burns-the-fire-Rise

I felt rather profound when asking the question “What is the germ of your art?” Brenda, always in tune with the truthful universe, gave a forthright reply (above) with a nod to the illustration “RISE.”

400px Art by Brenda Keesal @ burnsthefire.com Nicola and Rashmi

Of course, I do not always need background. Sometimes it’s amusing to leave something to the imagination. “Nicola” and “Rashmi” remain delicious mystery—for now.

400px Portrait-of-Brenda-Keesal-Living-the-Dream

Sweet dreams are made of this: it’s simple—embrace all that it is to be human, whether holding on to 1 year or 99.


Drop by Brenda’s blog Burns the Fire, and she’ll send an art piece of your choice for $30.

In my final posts before Christmas, I will share a remarkable book for all ages written by two brother-artists and the tomes topping my reading list in early 2016.


    1. Catherine Hamrick

      That’s great to hear–coming from a writer who covers the arts. I had so much fun working with Brenda on this. Her blog is POWERFUL, and she does keenly marry words to pics (and vice-versa). Truly inspiring. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. reocochran

    I like art and include it often in my posts. I have walls full of brother, daughter and father’s art. I also create art! Usually in the form of children’s art in making their names specisl for them, but also illustrations for four stories I wrote, no books published yet! 🙂
    Thank you for liking my comment on Veronica’s post about a creche scene. I enjoyed this post. I will be posting art tomorrow and books on Wednesday. Smiles, Robin

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