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What Will You Read This Week?

Nothing beats reading a book about one of US history’s most voracious readers and authors: Theodore Rex by Edmund Morris

What are you reading? And why?



  1. vanbytheriver

    Based on a simple comment from another blogger, I am re-reading a lovely work by Debbie Ford, “The Dark Side of the Light Chasers”. It was gifted to me by my brilliant aunt, who told me how life-changing it was…and is. It shows, in very lucid terms, how everything that annoys us in others is no more than a reflection of those qualities that we hate in ourselves. Food for thought. ☺

  2. Bea dM

    I usually read in threes, and “quality” varies immensely. “Civilization” Niall Ferguson, a sweeping but clear overview of Western world power in the last 500 years, the Memoirs of Louise of Prussia, princess Radziwill (in French), and …. Savages by Don Winslow. Rawest of dialogues, situations, violence etc. Useful insight into linguistics of “modern” writing /dialogue, though not necessarily always to my liking…

      1. Bea dM

        no Catherine, I don’t because I need the (limited) mental pauses and (relative) spots of silence. Days totally filled by computer work and rushing to clients in this crazy noisy – torrid these days – town. I try to get a bit of … mindfulness in when possible 🙂

  3. Catherine Hamrick

    “Civilization” sounds great. I am reading a lot of history/bio. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll have to look at Memoirs of Louisa of Prussia–a little reading in French is a good thing.

  4. Karen Lin

    I’m reading lots of client work (because that’s my bread and butter), a suspense called THE VARIOUS HAUNTS OF MEN – because that’s the genre of my 1/3 finished next novel (don’t recommend it, BTW) and lots of emails.

  5. Dan Hise

    Morris’ biography of TR is first-rate. Of the three volumes, the first two are exhilarating; the third volume is sad and depressing. I could not finish. One thing that stands out: TR read and wrote all of his life. Only Churchill is close to his equal in that regard, but Churchill could not converse in 7 or 8 languages. Beyond category.

  6. potterwillam3

    I am reading Jupiter by Ben Bova and a Spark by John something-or-other. I have been reading a bit of trash lately and enjoying it. I will likely move on to some one act plays too. I will also read a few posts here and there.

  7. susielindau

    Sue Monk Kidd’s The Invention of Wings. It’s okay. I’m about 1/3 the way into it. I think it could have gone farther. The slave owners are pretty nice considering it’s the early 1800’s in Charleston.

  8. Lorna's Voice

    Just finished “Revival” by Stephen King. I love him for how he writes, not what he writes. I’m trying to learn to be a better writer by reading writers who really know their stuff. I just started “The Other Typist” by Suzanne Rindell. Just the first 10 pages and I can already tell that the blurbs that sold me on the book were dead on. This book is supposed to be a thrilling page-turner similar to Gone Girl. Written in the 1st person, I’m getting that sense already. My next book, if I write a next book, is going to be a mystery. I need to read really well-written, compelling mysteries. And that’s what I’m doing!

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