lavender-lavender-coneflowers-Coker-Arboretum-chamrick writer-randomstoryteller

coneflower sequence

coneflowers spirograph

a foot outside my door—

it is no mean trick,

nature’s lavender turn;

fear of irrational numbers

bow to seed-head symmetry,

measure upon tight measure,

 Fibonacci’s weathered tune.


  1. Karen Lin

    We have echinacea growing in one of our beds, always wondering if there’s a way to use it for a tincture (since some believe it boosts immunity). I imagine it requires pulling out the pollen and reducing it with some fine wine, then adding it to more fine wine and drinking it so you don’t care about your cold. 🙂

  2. Bea dM

    great pic! the spiky cones seem to have an attitude, balanced by the the soft lavender! the lines are tight and “mathematical” yet poetic, I agree with your auto.suggestion to tighten up the last two lines and you’ll have a beauty there!

  3. Mary

    This is lovely Catherine – creative weaving math within the segments, especially like “fear of irrational numbers bow to seed-head symmetry.”

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