Thank You to My Followers!

Blogging has changed my life―a new career direction as I negotiate the social media landscape after a career in print. Moreover, it has enriched my life with friends worldwide.

We all get by with help from our friends. Artist/author/ filmmaker Brenda Keesal, known to you through her blog Burns the Fire, wrote a piece in The Huffington Post recognizing eight sister-writers: “8 of My Fave Sister Blogs.” It took my breath away to appear among such gifted company. Brenda is a storyteller par excellence. Even in the shortest vignette, she captures humanity with exquisite simplicity and sensorial detail.

Amalia Pedemonte, the marvelous blogger of classical mythology and art, is a busy professional. Nonetheless, I read her positive comments on many sites, even those of beginning bloggers. She is genuine and thoughtful.

Like Brenda, Amalia is quite the storyteller. If you found classics dull in college, her blog—La Audacia de Aquiles—will change your mind. Ancient characters, with their foibles and power, spring to life. What’s more, she delivers art and literature with ease. I again fell in love with Aristotle―because Amalia summarized his brilliance, well, brilliantly.

Both bloggers exemplify best practices in quality posts and online etiquette. Their generosity is authentic. They don’t bounce from site to site handing out “likes” just to collect followers. They care about the blogging community and set standards. I could add a long list of bloggers who fit this description.


  1. swajithkas

    Catherine Hamrick,
    In fact, as a follower of this blog, I must say “thank you” to you for creating this wonderful blog.
    Thank you, and I wish, in future, you cross many major mile stone and your success can become source of inspiration for the newbie like me………..
    Wishing you all the best…………….

  2. Aquileana

    Thanks for these amazing words…. It was a beautiful surprise, indeed… I am very appreciative dear Catherine! :star: I am wishing you a great day! …All my best wishes. Aquileana 😀

  3. rogershipp

    Wow! I never thought of the answers to my blog being the kindness of strangers! What an earth-shattering concept! Love taht thought! Wish it had been mine…. It is now! Thanks

  4. jgroeber

    Love finding Brenda anywhere and everywhere. She’s like one of those first spring flowers that pop up in the early spring and make you do the happy dance. Looking forward to checking out Amalia to get my inner Greek goddess on, too. (Happy dance, happy dance.)

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