bleeding camellias


February flurries into March—

Spiraea cluster

In tight-white fistfuls;

Lemon wafts

From sweet breath-of-spring,

Cool drips of honeysuckle.

Iris reticulata!—

A purple-tread carpet,

My low-lying Lent;

Jonquils and daffodils sound

White-peach-orange tones;

I yield to conical shade

Where a deep-blush camellia

Clings to morning

And a companion

Downturns bell-like,

Ruffled by golden rot,

A season-sink,

Winter’s bleeding bed

Of fallen petals—

Weed-fringed and

Pine-straw punctured.


  1. Karen Lin

    Lovely lovely all. Makes me look forward to spring coming to Colorado. March is typically our snowiest month, but luckily warm enough here at the foothills to melt it fast.

  2. Catherine Hamrick

    Hi Karen. The snow is melting today. Spring is in the mid-Atlantic air. BTW I checked out the Kimmel memoir. Yes, it is a great model. PW review said it wasn’t a much classic memoir as joined vignettes. I relate to that.

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