Mom: noun \ˈmäm, ˈməm\ What does it really mean?

The Daily Post prompt: “Dear Mom”—write a letter to your mom. I never thanked her for every role.

Room Mother, Sports Mom, Carpool Queen, School Project Manager, Tutor, Laundress, Nurse, Homekeeper, Psychologist, Cheerleader, Baker, Mover, Shaker, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer + a lot of other stuff

Thank you, Miss Bunny, from the bottom of my heart.

450 px Mom's photo as a girl_pe


  1. Karen Lin

    Amen! There’s a scene in my screenplay about menopause in which a much much much longer list was shot off. Moms are many many things. Great and wonderful and disciplinary and flawed as we all are. Log line for that script:
    HOT FLASH (broad comedy): (or THE LAST TABOO)
    When menopause descends upon Sophie Brennan, bursting into flames and leaving puddles in her wake are only the beginning.

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