500x500 px Moon seen from from troposphere of earth by ISS Expedition 28 crew (The Gateway To Astronaut Photography Of Earth) Public domain via Wikimedia Commons used by randomstoryteller image of moon shimmering above horizon or orangish earth atmospere

Celestial Song—2 out of 1

Slammed by a ball mass
At twenty-times bullet streak,
A dust-rock sphere
Red-roils lava then
Blast-waves trillion-parts debris
Into a rubble ring,
A thousand-year spin
Into lunar friction.
Two out of one,
They chase around the sun.

No breeze, no rain
To salve meteor pocks,
The moon hangs
In forever night,
Pulling at earth.
Waters bulge and crash,
While earth fixates
On arid basins,
Raising crusty tides.

Earth shimmers—
Emerald and terracotta float,
Swathed in white and misty blue
Until night edges out day,
And cities wink,
Electric constellations.

The moon mystifies
Shape shifting—
A disk in shadow,
An ashen diadem,
An ochre quarter,
A creamy globe,
A low-hung lamp
Over ripe fields.

Earth and moon,
Two out of one,
Tense companions
Reach, never touch,
In their chase
Around the sun.

WordPress Daily Post Prompt: Shimmer


  1. Lewis Kennedy

    Thanks for your cosmic lines about the big bang times. We’ve a total eclipse of the moon due mid-April. I hope that you will be watching, I will.

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