Wreaths for All Seasons


More than a festive decoration, the wreath symbolizes all that is holy—the circle of perfection, life, and eternity.  A plastic one does little justice to the season. Rather, a wreath bearing its sharp pine scent brings a breath of nature into our homes.

Last week I wandered through the mistletoe theme of the 230-year-old Lynchburg Community Market. True, there hung the traditional green wreath, with its red-berry embellishments. I also found dried ones bearing the beauty of fall bounty.


Wreaths already hang on the neighbors’ doors and windows. Tiny white lights adorn the skeletons of leafless trees on front lawns. I am off to the market to find my own wreath. Every time I pass it, I will catch the whisper of God’s promise. Amazingly, I discovered wreaths for every day of the year.


The Wreath Blog by crafter Michele Pacey reveals the secrets to making your own to celebrate every season. Scroll to the bottom to find an array of wreaths by month, theme, or type. Michele’s how-to tips will turn inspiration into reality. Merry clicking!




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