Put on Your Travelin’ Shoes


If you want the best-laid travel plans delivered to your door, go to Em’s on the Roadgreat rambles through the South, Midwest, and beyond.

Here you’ll discover the best of America’s regions. You’ll get insider info . . . one-of-a-kind shops (fashionable, funky, junky) . . . architecture (pioneer, preservation, modern, and more) . . . art galore (refined to graffiti) . . . music fests (jazzy, rocking, cool, mellow). And food, food, food.

“Friday Five” is a fan fave. It’s the best of the good stuff. Hit the home breweries and down a few. Dig into desserts. Delve into good reads. Take a taste of the pics, then show up for the real thing. If you need a fast sneak-peek, check out “Sunday Funday Photo.”

Happy trails!


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