Seashore Standstill

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA beach walk in winter took me to a solitary place. The shorebirds fled. Low-country tides washed over bare-rooted trees, now petrified.

Their death was stark beauty.

Airy foam, left behind, trembled on gray sand.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA thicket of basket-weave spikes crowned by gray-green fronds pushed toward their future fall, where bone-bleached trunks lay.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI found the cycle without a cell phone in my pocket.

Huntington Beach, South Carolina

2 Comments on “Seashore Standstill

  1. Speaking of walking along the shore….

    Andy Warhol Died
    By Karen Albright Lin

    Andy Warhol’s shadow walks along the sea wiping away rhythmically,
    fifteen more minutes of fame.
    Andy’s lips part.
    His crazed face wants to cry.
    The overlooking waves fester.
    As the sea tears his direction,
    gill waving fish
    bleed out.

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